Surgical management of a hand extravasation of anthracycline at late presentation

Komla Sena Amouzou, Nabil Berny, Tiemoko Moulaye Haidara, Abdessamad Chlihi, Mohamed Ezzoubi


Anthracycline extravasation remains a feared serious complication of chemotherapy. At late presentation, deep ulceration and extensive soft tissue damage are seen. Hand extravasation of anthracycline may lead to tendon and nerves destruction with functional and economical impairments. We report a case of Epirubicin extravasation seen at day 25 in a 46-year-old woman treated for breast cancer. A groin flap failed due to the persistence of anthracyclin in the wound. A split thickness skin graft was done after all the tendons were removed. The chemotherapy was interrupted for two months. Wide serial debridements are needed to achieve the removal of all molecules of anthracycline that are observed when granulating tissue is observed permanently in the wound.



anthracycline; chemotherapy; debridement; extravasation; hand

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