Sudden eruption of multiple Meyerson naevi

Sandra Jerkovic Gulin, Jaka Rados, Davorin Loncaric, Romana Ceovic, Branka Marinovic


We present a case of a young patient presenting with a six-month history of multiple squamous pink and light brown papules surrounded by symmetrical eczema on the trunk. Dermoscopy revealed light brown structureless and avascular lesions with an erythematous scaly halo. The patient denied the presence of naevi on the sites of the newly emerging changes. Histopathology revealed acanthotic epidermis and linear clusters of morphologically normal naevi cells in the upper dermis, infiltration of lymphocytes, plasma cells, eosinophils and mild spongiosis in the  dermis. Topical betamethasone/gentamicin ointment twice daily for 10 days was prescribed. The erythematous scaly area around lesions completely disappeared on the follow-up visit after six months. This is a unique case of a sudden appearance of newly formed multiple benign dermal naevi with Meyerson phenomenon—the sudden eruption of multiple Meyerson naevi.


Meyerson phenomenon; halo eczema; multiple Meyerson naevi

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