Refinement in Asian blepharoplasty for the aging

Apirag Chuangsuwanich


Signs of an aging face beginning at the periorbital region are easily noticeable and may require surgical correction. The hanging of upper eyelids, tired look, and sunken upper eyelids are common symptoms and signs. Most of the described techniques of blepharoplasty for the aging emphasize on the excision of the hanging eyelid skin which will leave patients with long scar. However, eyebrow and eyelid ptosis are common among aging people. Therefore, undertaking only an upper blepharoplasty does not necessarily yield good aesthetic results. This paper describes a modified blepharoplasty technique with limited incision. The operation also includes eyebrow reposition and/or correction of eyelid ptosis that further improve results. An asymmetry of the frontalis muscle could cause asymmetry in the eyelid folds post-operatively. However, botulinum toxin injection may correct this problem.


blepharoplasty; blepharoptosis; eyelids

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