Multiple clustered dermatofibroma associated with asymptomatic pericardial cyst

Piotr Brzezinski, Viktoryia Kazlouskaya, Cesar Bimbi


Multiple clustered dermatofibroma (MCDF) is an unusual variant of dermatofibroma (DF) presentation, localized on one segment of the body. Multiple dermatofibroma is a term for when there are more than 15 dermatofibromas,  which in itself is already a rare condition. The dermatofibromas usually appear in younger adults and are predominantly located on lower parts of the  body. No associations, except one case with pulmonary hypertension, were described in patients with MCDF. Herein we present another case of this rare complaint in a 58 year old female with clustered lesions on the thigh. Pericardial cyst was identified in our patient during routine chest X-ray and the patient is asymptomatic. MCDFs do not usually require treatment unless requested by the patient for cosmetic reason. This variant of MCDF, which is neither congenital nor eruptive, is extraordinarily rare, with only 13 cases reported. Further reports may identify possible associations of MCDF.


dermatofibroma; histiocytomas; pericardial cyst

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