Value of auxiliary examination in diagnosis and treatment of condyloma acuminatum

  • Xiaojing Zhou Department of Dermatology, Peking University People’s Hospital
  • Zhou Chen Department of Dermatology, Peking University People’s Hospital
  • Wenhai Li Department of Dermatology, Peking University People’s Hospital
  • Jianzhong Zhang Department of Dermatology, Peking University People’s Hospital
Keywords: condyloma acuminatum, HPV infection, auxiliary examination, clinical application


Condyloma acuminatum (CA) is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, with the characteristics of strong infectivity, long incubation period and easy recurrence. Long-term infection with HPV, especially high-risk types, can also lead to tumorigenesis. Therefore, early detection and appropriate intervention is important. This article summarizes the common clinical auxiliary examination methods of CA, and introduces the principle, operation mode, manifestations, advantages, disadvantages, and indications of each method, aiming to provide theoretical basis for clinicians to adopt these methods reasonably to diagnose and treat CA in practice.


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