Important aspects of Demodex diagnostics

Alexey Kubanov A, Gallyamova Yulia, Anzhela Grevtseva


The article presented our reviews on methodological advances in the diagnosis of demodicosis via our own research on demodicosis diagnosis efficiency with the aid of fluorescence lifetime measurement using confocal laser scanning microscopy. Under our supervision, there were 60 patients with acne and rosacea complicated with demodicosis, 60 patients with acne and rosacea without demodicosis, and 30 healthy volunteers. All patients underwent skin scraping and epilation of eyebrows and/or eyelashes, and the examination of skin morphology was conducted using confocal laser scanning microscopy. The research has shown the advantages of in vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy over the conventional microscope.


demodex; demodicosis; Demodex mites; confocal laser scanning microscopy; acne; rosacea

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