Clinical and dermoscopic features of nevi in patients with psoriasis

Natalia Glebovna Ilina, Yulia Mihailovna Krinitsuna, Aleksey Viktorovich Taganov, Andrey Aleksandrovich Tulupov, Irina Stanislavovna Kolesnikova, Dmitry Vladimirovich Yudkin, Irina Gennadievna Sergeeva


The aim of the present study is to display the clinical and dermoscopic features of melanocytic nevi of more than 5 mm in diameter in psoriasis patients. A total of 32 patients with psoriasis (21 male, 11 female; average age 37.4) formed the first study group. In 22 patients (68.8%), melanocytic nevi of 5 mm in diameter and bigger (total of 68 nevi) were clinically found. For a randomized trial, 100 people (21 male, 79 female; average age 27.8) without psoriasis were invited to form the second study group. Only 37 of them had nevi ≥5 mm in diameter (total of 60 nevi). Complete questionnaire, full body photometric skin examination, dermoscopy examination on the dermatoscope HEINE MINI 10X with 70% ethyl alcohol immersion, skin type identification according to the Fitzpatrick classification, and nevi assessment according to ABCD and ABC rules were obtained for all recruited people. Our study showed that patients with psoriasis are more susceptible to melanocytic nevi of >5 mm in diameter (68.8%), while the result for the second group was 37%. As for nevi of dysplastic criteria, we found 32% in psoriasis patients vs. 42% in the monitoring group. Moreover, we should bear in mind the influencing factors of skin phototype II and artificial insolation (e.g., tanning, PUVA (Psoralen and ultraviolet A), and narrowband phototherapy 311 nm) obtained by the patients from the first group.


melanocytic nevi; psoriasis; dermoscopy; melanoma

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