Unusual presentation of a cutaneous leiomyoma of the neck simulating a goiter

Kouame Kanga, Komenan Kassi, Kouame Kouassi, Ildevert Patrice Gbery, Jean-Marie Kanga


We report an unusual case of a large cutaneous leiomyoma. Dermal leiomyomas are rare and benign skin tumors derived from the smooth erector muscles of the hair. The patient was a 12-year-old child who came in for a consultation on a big cervical tumor of the anterior part of the neck which simulated goiter. The lesion evolved since the patient was five years old; it was consistently firm and was associated with skin ulceration and significant deep suppurations. Computed tomography (CT) scan revealed that this tumor was limited to the soft and cutaneous tissues without invading the thoracic muscles. Surgical treatment allowed the excision of the gelatinous and well vascularized skin tumor measuring about 15 cm in diameter. Final histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of dermal leiomyoma.


leiomyoma; dermis; goiter; surgery

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