Necrobiosis lipoidica treated with intense pulsed light

Marisa Gonzaga da Cunha, Flavia Cury Rezende, Ana Lúcia Gonzaga da Cunha, Carlos D'Apparecida Machado Filho


Necrobiosis Lipoidica (NL) is a chronic degenerative disease of the collagen with higher incidence on the anterior part of lower extremities, especially the tibial area. There were a number of proposed treatments, but none is 100% effective. We present a case of a fifty-year-old female patient with a suspected diagnosis of necrobiosis    lipoidica, confirmed by histopathological examination. After two years of treatment with topical corticosteroids and weekly applications of Psoralen and ultraviolet A radiation (PUVA), there were no signs of improvement and we  decided to perform a treatment with intense pulsed light therapy. Over a period of 14 months, a total of 13 sessions were carried out and a satisfactory treatment result was obtained.


necrobiosis lipoidica; treatment; intense pulsed light

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