Paramedian forehead flap for nasal tip reconstruction after Mohs surgery

  • Felipe Bochnia Cerci Hospital Santa Casa de Curitiba
Keywords: Mohs surgery, surgical flaps, nose neoplasms


The paramedian forehead flap is a great option for restoring complex nasal defects. Its main indications are large and deep wounds located on the distal third of the nose (tip and ala). For full-thickness defects, the paramedian forehead flap may be used alone or in combination with other methods. We presented a patient with a nodular basal cell carcinoma on the nasal tip and collumela treated by Mohs micrographic surgery and repaired with a paramedian forehead flap. Prior to reconstruction, it is essential that surgical margins are completely evaluated and free of tumor. For optimal paramedian forehead flap results, adequate surgical planning and meticulous technique are imperative.


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